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BIT is seeking to utilize the latest ICT (Information and Communication Technology), such as internet technology and data warehouse, data mining and machine learning, computer graphics and visualization, computer modeling and simulation, ubiquitous and embedded systems, to enhance health promotion and the whole care cycle.

BIT will enhance fundamental studies on several key aspects:

1. Measurement technology for physiological function monitoring

Diverse instrumentation for detecting biological signals conveniently in daily living and clinical environment and various algorithms will be developed to evaluate biological functions. A ubiquitous infrastructure will be built to track changes in biological functions at any time.

2. Prevention technology for physiological function decline

Modern adaptive control theory and data mining technology will be applied to investigate biological regulatory systems and to elucidate the self-adaptive and self-healing mechanisms in human beings. Furthermore, next generation diagnostic and therapeutic technology will be developed for the prevention of sudden cardiac death and the improvement of quality of life.

3. Support technology for declined physiological functions

Biomaterials and electromechanics, robotics, network technology, computer graphics & imaging technology, and augmented & virtual reality technology will be utilized to develop integrated systems to help physical and mental functional therapy and rehabilitation.

4. Information technology for basic and clinical medicine

We will also promote and strengthen the researches on bioinformatics, computer modeling and simulation, biostatics, and medical information technology for the implementation in basic and clinical medicine.

BIT is also endeavoring to strengthen the ties between our university and external collaborators. We conduct field tests and clinical evaluation through connections with hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, medical equipment manufacturers, and healthcare suppliers. We demonstrate our achievements through diversified approaches such as technical forums, academic conferences, patents, industrial exhibitions, and academic exchange with domestic and oversea institutions.

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