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Open Lecture by Visiting Professor Jaakko Malmivuo

Published on December 3, 2012 by in Activity

Lecturer: Prof. Jaakko Malmivuo
Title: Nobel Prizes and Millennium Technology Prizes, Globalization in Education and Research on Bioelectromagnetism-Discussion and Comparison between Japan and Finland.
Time: Wednesday 2012.12.12, at 10:40 – 12:10 am
Position: Research Quad.: 364(S9)

The Nobel Prize is the most highly appreciated recognition of scientific merits. It is awarded by the Nobel Committee in Stockholm, Sweden. The Millennium Technology Prize is a new award being of the same order of value. It is awarded by the Technology Academy Finland in Helsinki, Finland. In this talk I will first compare and discuss in international perspective these prizes in sciences awarded to Japan and Finland.
Especially for small countries like Finland, it is important to make the source of talented students and scientists as wide as possible. This is made by the internationalization of the universities. This is ensured by turning the education at least on master’s and doctoral levels fully into English, and which is important: not only for international students, but also for the local students. This process in Finland and in international perspective is discussed.
Bioelectromagnetism is a fascinating field of science. It will be highlighted some milestones in the research and estimated some hot topics in the future research.

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